Controversial Essay and Debate Topics for Argumentative Essay

Have you ever been in an argument? It can be a really frustrating thing to go through, especially when the other person won't listen. However, it's important to learn how to argue constructively and not destructively, as there are many situations where arguing is necessary

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Here is a list of some controversial essay and debate topics for argumentative essays to help you have fun while completing your assignment!

Controversial Research Topics

1. Pros and cons of school uniform

2. Is terrorism be justified?

3. Still, women are considered less than men in this modern era. Discuss

4. Relation between shyness and social anxiety. Discuss

5. Working for more time reduces productivity? Elaborate

6. Can law-breaking be justifiable if saving anyone’s life?

7. Is there strict punishment for bullying?

8. Selling human organs legal?

9. The difference in the interaction of women and men at workplaces?

10. Are there strict laws for rape?

Controversial Medical Topics

1. Unhygienic food should be avoided to stay healthy. Comment

2. Are Cancer treatment costs reduced?

3. Is cancer curable?

4. Is allopathy better than homeopathy?

5. Pros and cms f abortion

6. Is abortion legal in some states?

7. Is plastic surgery healthy?

8. Is marijuana used in medications?

9. Are interventions helpful or not?

10. Does complexity lead to cosmetic surgery? Discuss

Controversial Biology Topics

1. Frequent climate changes due to human mistakes?

2. Alternative medicine be taken or not?

3. Is embryonic cell research helpful?

4. Is animal testing legal?

5. Stem cells are commonly used in medicine these days. Comment

6. Lifestyle is more important than food to get a healthy body

7. Should birth control laws be made mandatory for every state?

8. Genetic counseling is mandatory.

9. Nuclear power side effects.

10. Vaccines are a cause of autism.

Controversial Topics for Debate

1. Sledding should be banned in cities.

2. An unpaid internship should not be encouraged.

3. 2016 polls in the United States really matter or not?

4. Has anyone really stepped onto the moon?

5. Will Afghanistan be safer again to live in?

6. According to Obama state union should be strong

7. Hurdles against academic growth?

8. Union is very important for athletes. Comment

9. Should Scotland be voted for independence?

10. CIA’s torture should have prosecutions.

Controversial History Topics

1. Causes of Korean War

2. Industrial revolution in 19th century

3. Effect of Vietnam War

4. Causes of Spanish American War.

5. Invasion of America to Cuba.

6. 1812 War in the United States

7. Eradication of native Americans.

8. Slavery and Subcontinent history

9. Planned wars against India

10. Jim Crow’s Law

Controversial Animal Related Topics

1. Animals’ freedom is a right.

2. Killing animals for food and clothes legal?

3. Which animals are better to keep as ESA?

4. Pets must be provided to old people.

5. Are animals dangerous to the environment?

6. Are animals polluting the environment?

7. Are Dolphins becoming extinct?

8. Are polar bears extinct?

9. Should dangerous animals be set to death?

10. Can animals be adopted?

With a little bit of time and effort, you can create an essay that will be both informative and engaging for your reader. The above list of topics should help give you some ideas when looking for the perfect topic to base your argumentative essay project on!

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